ABB Electrification Service values Digitalo’s expertise in its Relay Retrofit program

For five years already, ABB Electrification Service has trusted Digitalo to provide the expertise needed for the productization of its Relay Retrofit program. As a flexible and innovative solutions provider, Digitalo supports ABB Electrification Service in bringing the latest in relay innovations to meet its customers’ needs.

By providing life cycle services for protection and control relays, ABB Electrification Service supports utilities and industries all over the world in ensuring reliable and safe operation of their electrical system assets. As customers update relays to the latest technology, ABB Electrification Service supports them through its Relay Retrofit program.
The Relay Retrofit program involves the latest generation relays and tools that help users engineer, install, test and commission new relays in less time and without complicated processes. As part of the service, the relay binary input-output can be tested with the Relion® BIO-Tester, developed by Digitalo. Digitalo also provides ABB Electrification Service with engineering services for relay retrofits.
“We started working with Digitalo for the productization of the Relay Retrofit program deliverables. In the beginning, the collaboration mainly related to the development of testers. Over time, we also started to collaborate on the engineering and the mounting/installation-related deliverables. So, as of today, Digitalo supports us in developing different deliverables according to our technical requirement specification. Their expertise on the subject helps us define the practical approach in fulfilling those requirements,” explains Paresh S. Mandpe, Global Product Manager at ABB Electrification Service.

Quality, creativity and quick response times

Through its services and products for ABB Electrification Service, Digitalo enables easy and fast simulations of application configurations throughout a relay’s entire life cycle. This entails the simulation during the design of the application configuration, testing and commissioning, periodic maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as modifications and replacement.
In ABB Electrification Service’s collaboration with Digitalo, Mandpe particularly appreciates Digitalo’s ability to understand ABB Electrification Service’s technical requirements and fast response times. As Digitalo is located close to ABB’s Primary Service Center in Vaasa, quick face-to-face meetings are possible for discussing topics that need to be addressed across the table.
“Our collaboration with Digitalo has been positive and it is getting more mature, especially as we have continued to interact with the same people over the last 5 years. We know each other’s technical requirements and way of working, and more importantly, we share a primary focus on quality and safety. Creativity and out of the box thinking for simple technical deliverables are also some of the key points that we have explored in our collaboration with Digitalo,” says Mandpe.