About us

Passionate problem-solvers in electrical automation


Digitalo offers flexible automation solutions for its customers through product development, demonstrative relay simulators and expert resourcing. Our company was founded in 1987 in Vaasa, Finland, but serves clients today on a global scale.

At Digitalo, we are passionate problem-solvers. We light up when a client comes to us with an automation challenge to crack. Our solutions are innovative, tailor-made, and thoroughly tested. Our added value comes from our desire to understand our customers’ unique problems – and their customers’ problems.

In our work, we don’t cut corners, we don’t settle. Our services and our products are of the highest quality and everything we manufacture is made by us in our facilities in Vaasa. Whether you are looking for a finished product or a product design, you can count on us and our experts to offer customized solution that fits your needs.

Our customers know us for our extensive experience in automation, but also for our flexibility. We are easy to contact and easy to collaborate with. Our internal communication is swift, and clients can expect us to share our ideas already at get-go. We value honesty, collaboration, and openness and we keep our promises.