In our facilities in Vaasa, we design and manufacture high-quality process simulators. These thoroughly tested products are the result of our ISO 9001-certified development process and our vast automation experience. With almost no returns during our 30+ years in business, we can guarantee our simulators’ functionality and reliability over time.

MIO software simulator

The software simulator MIO can be connected to different types of IEDs, such as protective relays, to simulate various electrical network phenomena and send out analogue and digital signals to relays. The simulator can be controlled and viewed from any device with a web browser and an Ethernet port, making it an excellent on-screen visualization tool for remote trainings. The MIO software is powerful and customizable and allows for up to four different IED applications to be manipulated simultaneously.

Handheld DTS10 hardware simulator

The Handheld DTS10 is an easy-to-use hardware simulator that simulates electrical network phenomena in protective relays through sensor technology. This handheld device weighs 0.5 kg and is a great tool for quickly analyzing errors and testing an IED with different current and voltage inputs. The Handheld DTS10 will quickly tell you whether an error is in the relay or in the process, it saves relay users and manufacturers valuable time and money.

Product testing equipment

With our user-friendly automation testing equipment products and product lines can efficiently be tested by non-experts. The testing equipment is tailor-made and can be used for both commissioning and periodic testing. Thanks to its easy-to-use design, our equipment allows companies to test more products in a shorter time.


In our Demo Box concept, we combine our customers’ products with a process simulator, creating a perfect carry-on product demonstrator. Fitted into a robust, portable box, the Demo Box concept simulates the electrical or other processes in miniature, and can easily be brought to customer meetings, exhibitions, or training sessions. The easy-to-use Demo Box can be adapted to different cases, showing their functionality in a hands-on manner.

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