Expert resourcing

Recruiting the right experts for demanding automation tasks is time-consuming and can even pose a risk in case of a mishire. Thanks to our extensive expertise and wide network of contacts, companies turn to us when looking for external resources. These experts are recruited and hired by us and work for our customers as integrated parts of their teams, either at their or our premises – or remotely.

Our professionals are specialists on automation equipment and systems, and they work, for instance, in system administration, quality assurance, or customer support. They are reliable, responsible, flexible, and have all the certifications required for their work, such as the Occupational Safety Card, the Finnish Valtticard and the Swedish ID06 card. From us they receive a competitive salary according to the collective agreement as well as great social benefits. Our experts work as an integrated part of our customers’ working communities.

Product development

When our customers run into automation challenges, they turn to us for flexible, innovative, and rapid solutions. Thanks to our vast automation experience, we are quick to grasp the essence of a problem – even from a fuzzy or undefined specification. We aim to understand both our customers’ as well as their customers’ needs when solving a problem. Our approach is hands-on, and many times we might present a potential solution right at the first meeting with a client.

Our product development process is ISO 9001-certified and well-proven. Our designs combine an openness and curiosity for new technologies with extensive knowledge about existing applications. Continuous improvement is ingrained in our way of working. Our prototypes are created in our own facilities and, if needed, we manufacture the finished designs.

As a partner, we are reliable and communicative. Our work is strictly confidential, and your secrets are safe with us. We are easy to get a hold of and easy to work with. Just give us a call or shoot us an email!

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